How long is the shelf life of Corks Kettle Corn?


Our caramel popcorn has a shelf life of up to six months. While all of our other flavors stay fresh when sealed for up to three months.  With long shelf lives, you can order as many bags as you want to enjoy our popcorn long after delivery!

Does it take a big group to be successful?


We have had many smaller groups be very successful selling our kettle corn. As always, motivation is key to having a successful fundraiser. Regardless of the size of your group, we recommend setting a "minimum goal" for each seller - and aim high! Plus the top 3 sellers will receive prizes!

Should we be aware of any allergen information?


Our non-GMO popcorn is gluten free and peanut free. All of our products may contain traces of soy. The "Original" Kettle Corn and our "Movie Theatre" popcorn are dairy free, however the others are not. We believe in accommodating all types of food allergies and providing a sweet treat for everyone to enjoy!

Does fundraising require door-to-door sales?


For some people, product fundraising has mistakenly become synonymous with the term "door-to-door sales." Most product fundraising sales are made to family members, friends and close neighbors. A successful fundraiser with Corks Kettle Corn does not require knocking on doors. Get creative and reach out to people like coworkers or family friends. Everyone enjoys our popcorn!

What happens after we submit our orders?


We at Corks Kettle Corn work on perfecting and fulfilling your orders for you! We believe in having fresh and quality products to help support your fundraiser. We will work together to help your organization reach its goal and provide you with happy customers. 

What if something is wrong with our order?


Our quality assurance team will do its very best to deliver your order to your specifications. If there happens to be a problem with your order, please contact david@corkskettlecorn.com. When contacting, please provide your order information including what was incorrect about your order. We will work directly with you to assure all problems are resolved.

Other Fundraiser questions?

Let us know!

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