Customer raves


"Great product! I must warn you, it's very addictive. Cork's Kettle popcorn would make a great gift or something great to share with your friends, family or coworkers." 

- Kristina Brewton


"We love Cork's Kettle Corn! We moved from Nashville to Georgia at the beginning of this year and were lucky to have found Cork's as early as we did. Their Ranch Cheesy Popcorn is the most addictive snack ever, the bag usually doesn't last the car ride home. And their kettle corn is AMAZING. When we visit back home we take a bag to share, it's so delicious."

 -Rebekah Hickson


"My husband is a truck driver and he stopped at this mom and pop truck stopped and grabbed a bag of the caramel kettle corn. He loved the popcorn. Saved some for me when home in Orlando, Fl. He gave me what he had left and omg. AMAAZING!!! Going to order a few more bags!" 

-Jessica Rodon